Weller® Soldering Station Perfect for High-Energy, Maximum-Precision Applications


Cooper Tools announces the availability of the Weller WD1000HPT soldering station, specifically designed for soldering operations requiring a combination of high energy and maximum precision. The WD1000HPT consists of three separate components, including the WP120 soldering iron, WD1M power unit, and the WDH10T safety rest.

The WP120 soldering iron combines a compact, powerful heating element with a replaceable soldering tip, guaranteeing dynamic performance. Rapid transfer of heat into the soldering tip is quickly and precisely controlled with sophisticated electronics which allow the WP120’s compact design to handle big and difficult solder joints.

The WD1M power unit is a microprocessor-controlled device with a number of built-in special functions, making it ideally suited for use in production, rework, and laboratory environments. All WD1M units produced since April 2008 are supplied with new advanced software specifically designed for the WP120 iron.

Using the special menu on the WD1M power unit, iron set-backs for both time and temperature can be programmed and are automatically activated when the soldering iron is placed into the WDH10T safety rest. When the iron is removed from the rest, tip temperature is restored immediately to the set working level.


“As components decrease in size and PCBs become more densely packed, the soldering and rework processes are more challenging,” said Glenn Schindo, Director of Marketing and Sales at Cooper Tools. “Cooper Tools is proud to offer the WD1000HPT soldering system, which can provide maximum precision even during the most challenging jobs.”

The iron is ideal for soldering on difficult circuit boards with heat sinks that cause dissipation and heat transfer. Target applications include high-density circuit boards, High Frequency/Radio Frequency applications and solar panel production.

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