Wera Joker-Series Combination Ratcheting Wrenches


Wera Joker combination ratchet wrenches revolutionize the humble wrench. The 12-point open end features a unique 6-point stop plate that enables easier turning of bolts and also provides improved grip for loosening stubborn screws. The fine tooth ratchet mechanism is exceptional for working in tight spaces. Joker wrenches feature chrome molybdenum steel construction with a nickel-chrome coating for corrosion protection.

New! ... for 2016

  • (3) ratcheting combination wrench sets
  • (15) individual ratcheting combination wrenches
  • Imperial/SAE (inch) sizes are now available



  • Application: Hexagonal nuts or bolts
  • Ratcheting combination wrenches with metal plate in the jaw for unique holding function
  • Return angle of only 30° at the open end to avoid time consuming flipping of the wrench during fastening jobs
  • Ratchet mechanism at the box end with an exceptional fine (80-tooth) mechanism for very confined working spaces
  • Specially forged geometry for high torque transfer and strength
  • Four wrench sets available, all with durable cloth pouch

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great work on this