Wheeled Quad-pod Mounted Explosion Proof Light


Two 70 watt, explosion proof metal halide lamps mounted on a two wheeled adjustable quad-pod tower gives operators an easily deployable source of powerful light that can be quickly setup and adjusted to efficiently illuminate hazardous work areas. This wheeled quad-pod mounted light is U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1 and is rated for use in wet environments. The dual ended metal halide lamps are capable of illuminating 26,000 square feet of work space with 11,000 lumens of light.


U.L. Listing: United States                                           Ratings/Approvals

Lamp Type: Metal Halide                                             Class 1 Division 1

Total Watts: 140                                                            UL 595

Total Lumens: 11,000

Lamp Life Expectancy: 2500+ Hours

Mounting: 7’ to 15’ Extendable Wheeled Quadpod Tower

Voltage: 120V AC, 13 amp draw

Wiring: 100ft 16/3 SOOW Cord         

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