Wide-Belt Conveyor for Curing Large Parts


WIDECURE conveyor system is designed to offer consistent, fast, and safe curing. Equipped with a 25-in. wide belt, this system is ideal for processing light-curable materials on larger parts or larger quantities of smaller parts.


Conveyor can be outfitted with either a longwave (metal halide, UVA/Visible) or shortwave (mercury, UVB/UVC) bulb and delivers over 4 J/cm2 of curing energy at 5 fpm. Users can easily control various curing parameters through a touch-screen control panel, achieving greater curing flexibility tailored to their specific application. In addition, the system’s tightly controlled belt speed and minimal bulb degradation further allow better control over cure.


25-in. WIDECURE conveyor features:

  • long or shortwave bulb
  • delivers over 4 J/cm2 of curing energy at 5 fpm
  • touchscreen control panel
  • tightly controlled belt speed
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