Wide Span and Seismic Zone Mezzanines


Cubic Designs offers a range of proven mezzanine designs - from its wide span bar joist system to the Cubic high strength moment connection system which is specifically designed for Seismic Zone 3 and Zone 4. The final design choice is based on application requirements. All Cubic Mezzanines meet IBC, UBC & BOCA codes, AISC & ASTM standards and OSHA requirements. Cubic Mezzanines are used for a variety of applications including: Warehousing, Distribution Centers, Production Space, Office Space, Assembly Space, Parts Departments, Storage Space, Stockrooms, Employee Cafeterias, Locker Rooms, Company Records, Finished Product Storage, Bulk Material Storage, Trade Show Exhibits, Work Platforms, Order Picking, Staging Areas, Clean Rooms, and more.

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