Wide-View Safety Goggle


Honeywell Safety Products has launched the Uvex Carbonvision wide-view safety goggle, which delivers ultra-lightweight comfort and supreme protection. Weighing only 46 grams, the Uvex Carbonvision goggle is among the world's lightest wide-view goggles available. The style's proprietary Uvex Dura-streme dual lens coating ensures maximum anti-scratch and anti-fog properties for longer lens life, clear vision and improved worker safety, even in the most demanding environments. This high-performance goggle is ideally suited to protect workers from impact, dust and other airborne particles, as well as chemical splash hazards. 

"Safety managers are increasingly recognizing the need for more substantial eye protection, and Uvex Carbonvision meets their demands by offering the weight and comfort of safety eyewear with the added protection of a full-size goggle," said David Iannelli, senior product manager for Honeywell Safety Products. "Our lightest-weight goggle yet, Uvex Carbonvision promotes a safer workplace by improving worker comfort, protection and productivity." Constructed with a flexible frame that adapts perfectly to any face shape, Uvex Carbonvision ensures a secure, splash-proof seal around the eyes for optimum protection and a firm fit for all-day comfort. The goggle's soft body is permanently fixed to the frame for easy cleaning and maintenance. Its compact design is ideal for combination wear with disposable respirators and protective caps. The durable, high-quality headband is available in neoprene for use in environments where chemicals are used or in fabric for general purpose wear. 

A convenient clip makes it easy to remove the headband before cleaning. Uvex Carbonvision is available in clear and gray lens tints and features Uvex Dura-streme lens coating, which combines two Uvex® high-performance lens coatings on one lens to provide long-lasting, durable anti-fog performance and added chemical resistance. Uvextreme® anti-fog coating is permanently bonded to the interior of the lens to retain anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-static and ultraviolet protection properties. Ultra-Dura® hard coat is permanently bonded to the exterior of the lens to deliver scratch- and chemical-resistant properties for long life and optimum protection under the most extreme conditions.   Like all Uvex lenses, Uvex Carbonvision offers 99.9% ultraviolet protection. The style meets the ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard and is also certified to the requirements of the CSA Z94.3 standard.   


  • ultra-lightweight comfort
  • supreme protection
  • Dura-streme dual lens coating

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