Wider Module Connectors


A connector set compliant with the revised ANSI/VITA 42.0-2016 XMC Standard, the VITA 42 XMC defines an open standard for supporting high-speed, switched interconnect protocols on an existing, widely deployed form factor.


This revision further defined the concept for the preferred Standard connectors in XMC applications including:

  • Solder ball attachment replaced Paste-On-Pad (POP) for improved solder joints
  • Low Insertion Force (LIF) sockets to ease mating and un-mating
  • Tin-lead alloy available as a solder option
  • Revised ASP catalog numbers
  • 12 mm stack height


Based on these guidelines, the 12 mm stack height options expand the existing family of ANSI/VITA 42 XMC Standard connectors. Chosen for high reliability stemming from the multipoint-of-contact SamArray sockets and robust solder ball design, the updated connector set has been specified for current XMC systems.


In addition to transmitting sensitive high-speed data, these connectors provide power, ground, and auxiliary signals to the mezzanine. The 12 mm mated connector set further optimizes XMC cards for use in wider modules, designed for 1.00-in. pitch cage systems.

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