WIDIA™ Holemaking Advances 2010 Catalog


“Holemaking Advances 2010” is the new catalog of WIDIA™ -brand holemaking solutions, with the latest product offerings, including holemaking products in the new WIDIA Victory™ line.
Featured in the new catalog is the WIDIA Victory TOP DRILL M1™ Modular Drill, which gives users the best of both worlds by combining the economic benefits of modular drilling systems with machining performance and hole quality comparable to solid carbide tools. Metal-removal rates are up to 50% higher than competitive modular drills while providing longer tool life and improved hole quality.

Precision hole finishing is also included, with full information on the WIDIA ROTAFLEX™ Fineboring system. With both roughing and precision finishing heads available, ROTAFLEX is a single WIDIA system for both roughing and fine-finishing operations over a broad diameter range — 6 mm to 520 mm (.236 in. to 20.4 in.). Because of the new ROTAFLEX system upgrades, up to 20% higher feed rates are possible in rough machining applications due to less vibration, resulting in increased machine tool productivity and longer intervals between scheduled maintenance.

In addition to product specifications and applications, the new Holemaking Advances 2010 catalog also describes many additional services, including training, custom tooling solutions, supply-chain services, and carbide recycling and reconditioning.

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