Wils-Matic™ Auto Tube Puncher Dramatically Reduces HVAC Cleaning Time


Newly released by Thomas C. Wilson, a longtime leader in the field of HVAC maintenance tools, the compact Wils-Matic™ Auto Tube Puncher dramatically reduces HVAC system cleaning time as it quickly removes light to medium deposits. With this groundbreaking product, the amount of cleaning time is doubled compared to using a manual tube puncher which greatly increases efficiency and helps maintenance supervisors and operations managers save resources. The self-contained unit is designed for use in wet applications with straight tubes up to 50 feet in length and proves well-suited for multiple applications, including heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, and absorbers. "We believe that 'Smarter Work begins with Smarter Tools' and this innovative new product demonstrates that perfectly," said Stephen Hanley, Vice President of Thomas C. Wilson. "As HVAC system managers enter the season for winter cleaning, this is the ideal tool to help them increase overall productivity and efficiency — as well as achieve higher levels of cleaning." Among its many groundbreaking features, the unit provides a feeder gun to control shaft rotation, shaft feed, and the water flow. By pressing the top of the trigger, users can rotate the shaft clockwise, start water flow, and feed the shaft and casing into the tube. By pressing the bottom of the trigger, users can reverse the shaft rotation and pull out the shaft and casing from the inside of the tube. In addition, an adjustable "shaft & casing length stop unit" allows operators to set the distance to be cleansed. Once the shaft feed reaches the set distance, it stops. Additional "smart benefits" of the tool include unique "non-slip" feeding, adjustable forward end limit stop, and a quick "Plug & Play" start.


• Dolly-mounted Drive Unit: 85 lbs., 42"H x 30"W x 16"D (38 kg, 1067 x 762 x 406 mm) (excluding Gun Assembly & Shaft) • Shaft Speed: 1,725 rpm • Self Feed Rate: 4.2 Feet (1.3m) per second • Feed Force: 60 lbs. (267 N) • Motor Power: 1 HP (0.75kW) • Input Power: 15 amps • Voltage/Frequency: 115 volt, 60 Hz (220 volt, 50/60 Hz available)
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