Wire EDM Machine Handles Large Work Pieces (79 x 63 in.)


U1310 wire EDM machine improve ease of operation, machining speed and accuracy in large work piece applications up to 79 x 63 in. and weighing more than 6 tons (13,228 lb).

Machine features the world’s only programmable 3-Sided Drop Tank design, and lowers below the work table height.  This offers superb unobstructed access for work piece loading/unloading and setups, improves ergonomics for machine maintenance and operation, and simplifies process automation. 

The available H.E.A.T. configuration incorporates a combination of flushing enhancements and special generator upgrades that greatly increase cutting speeds on the most difficult machining applications, and enables up to 43% faster machining times and up to 33% reduction in wire consumption, compared to previous technology.


  • Table Size: Opposed L-Shape (67.7 x 58.1 in.)
  • X    51.57 in.
  • Y    39.76 in.
  • Z    20.47 in. (optional 24.41 in.)
  • U Axis    ±3.98 in.
  • V Axis    ±3.98 in.
  • Available Wire Size    0.008”, 0.010”, 0.012” Ø
  • Drop Tank    Yes
  • Max Workpiece Size: 79 x 63 in.
  • For work pieces weighing up to 6,000 kg
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