Wire Feed System


A new wire cut to length straightener system from Force Control Industries is designed for high cycle wire cutoff applications. The package includes a 2 plane wire straightener,  tool steel hardened feed wheels, feed gears, separately actuated cut cutoff, wire guides, a Posidyne Oil Shear Clutch Brake with pneumatic control valve, accumulator, pressure regulators, and gauges, motor and gear reducer all mounted on a steel base plate. The system is capable of running 14 gage wire at a velocity of 91.6 in/sec with +/- .13” accuracy, at 96 cpm (24” length, 50% dwell). Packages are also available for larger size wire, making this system ideal for cut to length straightened wire for wire racks, cages, crates, even concrete reinforcing wire.

The heart of the system is the oil shear Posidyne clutch brake which is capable of very high cycle rates, long maintenance free life, and consistent accuracy.

Oil Shear Technology

Oil Shear Technology is the reason that Force Control brakes and clutch-brakes are virtually maintenance-free – without the need for adjustment or disc replacement - and last up to 10 times longer than standard dry friction brakes. Oil Shear Technology is the function of a boundary layer of transmission fluid in shear between the friction disc and drive plate. As the parts come together the fluid under shear will transmit torque between the two parts as well as absorb heat. This eliminates direct contact of the friction discs and drive plates during high speed slip.  Heat from the friction surface is dissipated as the fluid circulates to the housing.  When combined with the closed loop position control, the Force Control wire feed system offers unparalleled consistency and accuracy.

CLPC assures consistent cut length accuracy and simple length change over.

The CLPC Closed Loop Positioning Control continually adjusts to maintain consistent cut length from start up to end of the day. The control also allows simple change of cut length for various products, and has outputs to actuate the cut off knife. The closed loop position control constantly monitors the stopping position and makes adjustments if any “stopped position” errors occur.  Compensating for each index ensures precise accuracy.  This self-compensating system controls for changes in speed, dynamic load, air pressure, friction in bearings, slides and more. 

A watchdog timer will stop index if not made within the set time frame – this is adjustable from 100 milliseconds to 1 minute to accommodate individual requirements.  The control will stop the drive when it senses the system comes to an unexpected stop – thus preventing damage to the clutch or other system components.  The interrupt driven microcontroller operates without scan time problems.

Easy installation and operation is achieved through menu-driven set-up and on-the-fly electronic fine-tuning of the start/stop position.  Simple and straightforward, the CLPC operates with minimal programming – there are no complex velocity profiles to develop.   Designed and developed as a complete system, the Force Control CLPC is supplied with all required components – there is no need for external power supplies or accessories.


  • capable of running 14 gage wire at a velocity of 91.6 in/sec
  • ideal for cut to length straightened wire
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