Wire Processing Machine


The PowerStrip 9550 combines the utmost in precision and performance, covering the widest possible range of applications.

The proven precision and flexibility of Schleuniger’s indexing cutter head technology has now been paired with powerful servo drives, state-of-the-art electronics and unparalleled user-friendliness. Thanks to intelligent force / speed management, the new PowerStrip 9550 easily processes wires as large as 2/0 AWG (70 mm2).

The PowerStrip 9550 processes the widest range of applications, from stranded wire to multi-conductor cables as well as coaxial and other shielded cables. This is accomplished by configuring each machine according to the customer’s application requirements. Since the machine is modular in construction, various processing modules, such as the cutting head type, can be combined with various function modules, such as the 4-zone belt feed, resulting in a machine that is tailor made for each customer. All processing and functional modules can be retrofitted at a later date, making the PowerStrip 9550 a future-proof investment.

User-friendliness and short changeover times are other key benefits of this new cut & strip machine. It’s completely redesigned user interface uses a large 10.5’’ color touchscreen with an intuitive menu structure, using self-explanatory icons for fast and efficient programming. Time-consuming mechanical changeovers are a thing of the past. The PowerStrip 9550 is fully equipped with quick-change solutions for all wire-specific parts. It also incorporates the new SmartBladeTM system, where an exchangeable cartridge holds all blades and tools (e.g. the universal slitting unit) required to process a specific application. Precision and flexibility meet power, speed and user-friendliness – making the PowerStrip 9550 the first model in a new class of cut & strip machines.


  • easily processes wires as large as 2/0 AWG
  • modular in construction
  • large 10.5’’ color touchscreen
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