Wire Stripper


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. is offering its Reflex™ Premium T-Stripper, a total-comfort, total-control wire stripper.  The Reflex T-Stripper features an ergonomical handle curved 45 degrees to provide a more natural hold than conventional models.  This advantage results in a reduced occurrence of repetitive motion fatigue injuries, including common wrist stress.  User comfort is further enhanced by the no-slip grip that extends to the cutting head to cushion the thumb and fingers from metal. Electricians will find the stripper as functional as it is comfortable.

The multi-purpose pliers nose has precision-ground, knife type blades for clean, accurate stripping of a wide range of wire sizes.  Easy-to-read laser markings and convenient looping holes make even the most challenging striping jobs fast and trouble-free. The black oxide finish on the blades resists damaging corrosion and promises day-to-day reliability and a long service life.  IDEAL Reflex T-Strippers are available in several different sizes to cuts wire ranges from 10-26 AWG solid and stranded wire.


  • ergonomical handle
  • no-slip grip
  • knife type blades

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