Wireless Alarm Monitor Tracks Equipment Usage


Called the CyberWatch LAN, this simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-install wireless hour and alarm meter monitors and tracks the usage of equipment.


For locations where a Wi-Fi network connection is accessible, the CYBERWATCH LAN provides monitoring on any piece of equipment with no monthly service cost. Embedded with its own web browser and IP address (an internal 802.11 B, G, N, 2.4 GHz wireless access point), users can connect to the device through the Wi-Fi network to view data from a tablet, cell phone or computer. In addition, automatic e-mails can be programmed with usage and alarm reporting.


Features + Capabilities:

  • Device can be configured to connect through Wi-Fi network access points or through a smartphone or tablet "ad-hoc" connection
  • Weatherproof option available: Device can be ordered with a gel-filled option that protects the PCB from water intrusion and/or condensation
  • Voltage input range of 8 - 14 v dc
  • Optional high voltage converter: Converts 24 – 36 - 48 v dc input to 12 v dc
  • External Wi-Fi antenna
  • Optional ac relay interface: Allows for monitoring of 120/240-v ac powered machinery (optional plug-in 12-v dc transformer power supply available)
  • Small aluminum enclosure size: 4.53 x 3.54 x 2.17 in (115.06 x 89.92 x 55.12 mm)

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