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New 2009 Q4 catalog debuts a full line of N-TRON® products including managed, unmanaged and process control Ethernet switches, plus monitored media converters and wireless Ethernet radios. N-TRON industrial networking products are reputed for their price-for-performance value and are designed for mission-critical MIS, data acquisition, control applications, and environments demanding high-throughput and minimal downtime.  Exclusively from B&B Electronics, Zlinx® radio modems and wireless I/O series  now boast enhancements to the Zlinx Manager configuration and monitoring software. Upgrades include superior low-latency response rates (8ms/digital), enhanced security, peer-to-peer mirrored I/O mapping, field calibration, user-defined fail-safe output states, and Modbus compatibility. With Zlinx products and the enhanced software, users can connect wirelessly to serial or Modbus systems to monitor and control remote I/O at hard-to-reach locations.
The October 2009 issue also introduces a DIGI® networked enabled USB hub supporting up to four RS-232 serial ports with the ability to mix USB and serial ports on the same network connection.
The 136-page issue also showcases B&B Electronics’ popular Ethernet serial servers, switches and gateways, plus wireless products, serial converters, USB, and remote I/O products. Non-metal enclosures, terminal blocks, power supplies, cabling, and surge protectors are available. As a direct to end-user provider, B&B Electronics has been known historically for competitive prices.
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