Wireless Data Logging System


TandD Corporation has introduced the NEW RTR-500 Data Logging System which provides the ability to monitor and download data without the need to physically retrieve the loggers.  In addition, warning notifications are available from the remote locations via email when parameters are out of norm. The NEW RTR-500 is a Wireless Base Station which connects to a PC through a USB port. This unit can function as a base station or as a repeater to expand the range of wireless communications in increments of about 500 ft per unit. With the use of multiple repeaters, the range is virtually unlimited. 
The NEW RTR-501, RTR-502 and RTR-503 are Data Loggers built to work and last in Harsh Environments. The RTR-501 can be used indoors or outdoors and has an internal sensor with a temperature range of -40° to +80° C. The RTR-502 features a variety of optional external sensors including waterproof sensors with a range of -60° to +155° C. The RTR-503 also features an external sensor which measures both Temperature from 0° to 55° C and Relative Humidity from 10% to 95%. "The RTR-500 Software, that is included free of charge with the unit, allows for a variety of data retrieval options.  This includes the option to download data files in popular formats such as XML or CSV, and to "push' the data to remote locations via email or to an FTP server." New features of the RTR-500 Family include improved transmission range of up to 500 ft. line of sight, improved battery life of 1 year standard or 4 years with the optional large battery pack. These New units also feature improved download speed which is twice the speed of its predecessors.
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