Wireless Micrometer


Micromar 40EWRi-L digital micrometer offers the latest MarConnect interface to allow measurements that are 10 times faster than a standard micrometer, saving the operator time when numerous different dimensions need to be measured on a single workpiece. The "non-rotating" sliding spindle also protects sensitive workpiece surfaces against measuring damage.


The integrated wireless system makes the measurement very convenient and significantly accelerates the measurement of workpieces while at the same time protecting the surface of the test specimens. The spindle makes a 5 mm movement with one revolution of the friction drive sleeve and can be positioned 10 times faster than a standard micrometer. This saves the user significant time, especially when measuring workpieces with different sizes. By carefully contacting the part with the non-rotating sliding spindle, scratches (e.g. from grinding dust residues on sensitive and finely machined part surfaces) are avoided. In addition, the non-rotating system provides the ideal solution for measuring film thickness without twisting and damaging these delicate, thin materials during measurement. The large display and intuitive operating concept support users in production and quality assurance, featuring measuring reliability, fatigue-free reading and simple operation.


The micrometer is available in 8 standard ranges of 0 through 4 in. in 1-in. increments (0 through 100 m in 25 mm increments). With these innovative micrometers, the user can measure faster, more easily, and reliably. Measurement data is transferred to an i-Stick on a computer via the proven “integrated wireless” system without any interfering data cables. Mahr has taken a step closer to Industry 4.0 as the measured data is transferred along with the unique serial number of the instrument. This provides better traceability of the measurement since one now knows what instrument made the measurement and when the last calibration was performed.


Mahr’s MarCom software makes data acquisition simple. Users can take a measurement and transmit measuring data directly into MS Excel or via a keyboard code into any Windows program without the need for external transmitters or cumbersome cables. It is even possible to apply the wireless data collection capabilities to existing SPC applications. The micrometer confirms via a message on the display whether the data was transferred correctly. Mahr’s patented integrated radio, and the innovative technology behind it, allows the measuring instrument to be very compact and consume very little energy.


Micromar 40EWRi is the first digital micrometer with 10 mm digits on a high contrast digital display for safe and fatigue-free reading of the measured values. For the first time, it offers an easy to understand tolerance display with warning limits. The operator can recognize whether the workpiece is within the tolerance limits, measurements gain a higher reliability in quality assurance and expensive rejected parts are avoided. As a result, the manufacturing process becomes more efficient and process costs are optimized.


  • High contrast analog display
  • Stainless spindle is hardened throughout and ground
  • Spindle and anvil are carbide tipped
  • Sliding spindle
  • Ratchet is integrated in the thimble
  • Lacquered steel frame, heat insulated
  • Integrated wireless
  • Battery life approx. 2 years (approx. 0.5 in wireless mode)
  • IP 65
  • instruction manual
  • battery
  • setting standard (measuring range of 25-50 mm)
  • RESET (set display to zero)
  • ABS (display can be set to zero without losing reference to ORIGIN)
  • mm/inch
  • ORIGIN (for entering a numerical value)
  • LOCK function (key lock)
  • TOL (Tolerance and warning limits)
  • DATA (data transmission via connection cable)
  • HOLD (storage of measured values)
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