Wireless Remote Welding Controls


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the new Wireless Remote Hand and Foot Controls for welding, designed to improve productivity, reduce clutter in the work area, and eliminate expensive cords and extensions that are exposed to industrial wear and tear.

Miller’s new wireless products include the first ever Wireless Remote Foot Control for TIG welding, and the Wireless Remote Hand Control for Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux Cored welding.     Miller’s wireless remote controls provide the same responsiveness, performance and effectiveness of corded models and are easy to use. A wireless remote eliminates the potential wear and failure of a remote cord and the associated downtime/cost of replacement. It improves productivity by allowing the welder to quickly reposition the remote around the work area without having to untangle cords. Safety is also improved through reduced clutter and fewer tripping hazards in the work area.    

The Wireless Remote Foot Control, designed specifically for TIG welding in manufacturing, fabrication and plant applications, allows the operator to adjust amperage at the point of use without being limited to the range of the remote cord. The Wireless Remote Hand Control, designed for Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux Cored welding, allows the operator to adjust parameters for different joint configurations, electrodes and wire types/sizes at the point of use instead of walking back to the machine.

Designed for construction, fabrication, manufacturing and plant applications, it also allows the operator to increase or decrease machine parameters in increments from one to five percent, and preset the percentage of output of the machine before welding. 


  •  Improves productivity: less time repositioning remote around the work area
  • Saves money: eliminates extensions, cord failures, costly maintenance and downtime
  • Multiple units work in close proximity with no interference
  • Easy to set-up and install
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