Onset announces the HOBO® ZW Series, a family of wireless data nodes for centralized monitoring of energy use and environmental conditions in buildings.

HOBO ZW Series data nodes reduce the cost and complexity of data collection by measuring, recording and transmitting real-time energy use and environmental data – from dozens of points – to a central PC. Different from traditional data loggers, HOBO data nodes work together in a self-healing wireless network to transmit logged data to a PC at regular intervals. This eliminates the need of having to spend time retrieving collected data from individual data loggers deployed throughout a facility.

The wireless nodes can measure temperature, relatively humidity, kilowatt hours, CO2, AC voltage, amps, gauge pressure, and a variety of other parameters.  

“With HOBO data nodes, we’ve combined the industry-proven reliability of HOBO data loggers with wireless MESH sensor technology to make energy and environmental data collection fast, simple, and economical,” said Frank Deshaies, product marketing manager for Onset. “Whether you are a facility manager looking at indoor air quality, a building energy manager tracking energy use, or a warehouse manager keeping an eye on temperature and humidity levels, HOBO data nodes take portable data logging to a new level of flexibility and convenience.”

Easy to install in any facility, HOBO data nodes harness the power of self-healing MESH networking technology. This ensures that data is automatically routed back to a PC without manual intervention, while making it fast and easy to set up a sensor network.  

Accompanying HOBOware® Pro 3.0 software lets you quickly and easily configure data node networks, view real-time energy and environmental data, and set alarms for any sensors on the network. Alarm notifications can be sent via text messaging to your cell phone, and/or email to your PC. The software also provides a Network Map feature that provides an at-a-glance view of your network, and allows exporting of data to Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs with a single click.
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