Wireless Teach Pendant


OPENwiTP Wireless Teach Pendant is a wireless handheld console connected to OSAI OPENcontrol CNC systems that can be used for manual, automatic, and custom operations. Featuring a bright 4.3-in. screen, this pendant’s compact design provides maximum operator flexibility and efficiency.


Designed with CNC specific video pages, the pendant includes automatic PP execution, axes motion, GMT function status, manual execution for continuous jog and incremental jog. Plus, custom data commands are easily input into the system.


This OSAI wireless handheld terminal features a 5 Mpx autofocus camera with barcode/QR reader, NFC reader/writer, and live streaming video capability for remote diagnostics.


Additional pendant features include wireless transmission range of 50 meters with up to 100 terminals in the same area. Selectable 2.4 GHz or 5 GHZ and easy pairing feature to link the pendant to a machine. The complete OPENwiTP components include: Wireless Teach Pendant, Terminal, Base Station, Passive Recharging Unit, and Antenna Extension Cable.


With over 60,000 CNC applications installed worldwide to date, OSAI has taken the modularity and precision of CNC systems to new standards in partnership with numerous machine tool builders. The new OPENwiTP Wireless Teach Pendant enables these users to further their productivity with OSAI’s latest technology. In metal, woodworking, plastics, glass and stone machining, OSAI drives the most advanced motion control evolutions in terms of technology, costs optimization and product customization.

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