Wireless Uplink Connector


WxS 9810 supports GSM/GPRS as a wireless uplink connectivity option, enabling users to select the best available wireless coverage in their areas.


With the support of 3GPP NB-IoT, WxS 9810 provides cellular operators with a proven set of sensors for their NB-IoT networks, enabling an array of IoT use cases such as smart city, structural health monitoring (SHM), machine condition monitoring for preventive and predictive maintenance (MPP), environmental monitoring, senior care, and smart retail.


To further facilitate the smooth deployment, WxS 9810 supports identical sensor portfolio as WxS 8800/8700 and WxS 7800, over 60 types of sensing parameters, as a companion and complementary to LoRa based WxS 8800/8700 and Wi-Fi based WxS 7800.


Now with WxS 9810, Polysense is able to offer its customers the most flexibility for deployment, capable of connecting to LoRaWAN, WI-FI, or NB-IoT/LTE Cat M1 networks, depending on the coverage need, bandwidth requirement, and battery usage of the use cases.


Wireless Features:

  • Multiple frequency bands of B1/B3/B5/B8/B20/B28
  • Superior coverage for IoT devices underground and deep inside buildings
  • Industrial-grade Built to stay connected in harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • best-in-class power performance, extending the life of battery-operated devices
  • Built-in security, including HTTPS, secure socket, secure boot
  • Firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates


Internal sensors:

  • Thirteen internally integrated sensors, including:
  • 2 axis accelerometer, 3 axis accelerometer, high precision vibration/tilt
  • passive infra-red (PIR) motion, microwave radar motion sensor, single or dual IR motion sensors for motion and people counting
  • temperature, humidity, light, atmospheric pressure
  • CO, CO2, VOC
  • 30dB – 110dB full range acoustic/noise
  • and GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou GNSS location sensors
  • Patented tilt detection algorithm, enabling precise detection of the tilt-vector of the object in geodetic coordinate system in real-time
  • High-sensitivity motion detection capability, offering the best solution for valuable asset protection
  • Ultra-low power always on acoustic/noise sensor for both perimeter security and smart city applications
  • IP67 rated enclosure with dual high capacity airflow protective vents, allowing for fast response of temperature, humidity and pressure sensing
  • Flexible battery power or DC power, meeting different need of application requirements and deployment scenarios. Intelligent power monitor and management to maximize the battery life, allowing 5 to 10 years of battery operations with either 1 or 2 'AA' Li-SOCl2 batteries
  • Flexible internal or external antenna options, meeting different need of application requirements and deployment scenarios
  • Powered by Polysense iEdge™ platform, offering powerful edge computing capabilities with user programmable data sampling/report schemas, local data analytic and custom algorithms
  • Temperature compensation algorithms for displacement and vibration sensing across C and I temperature ranges


Interfaces and External sensors:

  • Dual Multi-Purpose Interfaces (MPI), enabling connectivity to external analog and digital sensors, providing either direct powering or parasite powering options to external sensors – thus eliminating the need of separate powering need for the external sensors:
  • Analog voltage (0 to 10v)
  • Analog current with 4 to 20mA input
  • IRQ
  • PWM based actuator control output with up to 16 signal levels
  • DS18B20 digital interface
  • RS232/RS485
  • Support over 40 external sensors
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