Witte Catalog: Vibrating Process Equipment


A brochure for process equipment showcases a line of vibrating fluid bed dryers, coolers, pellet classifiers, screeners, conveyors, and other vibrating process equipment. The brochure details the machinery, design advances, and proprietary technologies that, together, have proven to meet tight product specifications and deliver reliable, 24/7 performance processing of a diverse range of materials over nearly 80 years.


The literature features the company's integral baghouse fluid bed dryer concept that allows fine particles to be processed using the fluid bed without any product loss while also recycling a portion of the heated exhaust air for savings in energy. The company's breakthrough Witte 400 plastic pellet classifier is also featured for its unique ability to offer air classification, cooling, drying, and fines and oversize pellet removal in a single, integrated unit. Both the fluid bed dryer and pellet classifier are shown in cutaway illustrations to reveal their inner workings.


Developed for process engineers in the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, and other industries, the brochure details how Witte equipment is designed for easy access to support frequent inspections and complete cleaning. The company's on-site test laboratory, spare parts department, and technical support services are also covered.

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