Workholding Catalog - Lexair


The new “Get a Grip on Precision” catalog from Lexair is a comprehensive guide to a unique line of productivity-boosting workholding devices from OML. The catalog includes the Genius precision 5-axis vise with 9000 lbf clamp force at the top of the jaws, the MC modular clamping system with patented self-locking CLAK parallels for tombstones and trunnions, and the Automatic Positioning System that reduces setup time up to 90 percent.            

OML has evolved its workholding devices to meet today’s competitive standards for 5-axis accuracy, speed and ease of use, and the company’s workholding systems are some of the most repeatable and rigid available. The catalog features the Vari-Clamp system, ideal for castings and irregular part shapes with a super-low profile for more Z-axis clearance, and the CIVI 2000 rail system with patented self-locking CLAK parallels. 

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