Workholding for Measuring and Inspecting


Offered by Mitee-Bite Products LLC this new workholding line includes unique spring blocks, hold downs, stand-offs, stops and rails.   “These products can be easily designed into custom multiple-part fixtures or used on a fixture plate for one-piece inspections” said a company spokesperson.Productivity improvements are achieved by the unique design, the gripping edge of the Trigger-Block, Cross-Bow and Trigger-Finger works like a trigger or spring to secure and release the work. 

Parts are held with plenty of force for measuring and with a squeeze of the trigger a part can be quickly released and replaced.  Part changeover is one-handed with no need for tools and tape.  Unlike a solid stop or block, the D-Block’s shape acts like a spring and provides constant force once tightened down.  The direction and amount of force can be adjusted according to its placement related to the work piece.  The V’d end accommodates round parts and adds versatility when both ends of the clamp are employed.  This tool can be used as a stop, v-block, straightedge or plunger.Several clamps complement each other in custom fixture designs.What makes the Trigger-Finger hold-down unique is that the ‘finger’ clips to a simple shaft with a snap fit. 

Parts are held with ample force and the finger tip is flexible enough to remove and add parts while in place.  With one hand and without tools, the finger moves up and down the shaft smoothly and won’t release and drop away when turned away from the work.  No need to readjust the clamp to change out parts.  The design also allows for very thin parts to be held against a fixture plate with ample force.All spring blocks are made of durable, non-marring ABS plastic.  The Simple-Stop stops and rails are 14 gauge brushed stainless steel.  Silver-Bullet stand-offs are a precision turned anodized aluminum.


  • works like a trigger or spring to secure and release the work
  • parts are held with plenty of force for measuring
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