WorkShop® Manufacturing v9.0, The Right Tool For The Right Job


TIW Technology's WorkShop® Manufacturing is a powerful, full-featured MRP solution that offers small to mid-sized manufacturers a level of sophistication in manufacturing control that is usually available to large companies only. WorkShop v9.0 extends this high level of functionality with new features and enhancements. One example would be the new Order Push Pull Report which is a major advancement in the management of work orders and purchase orders. This report provides recommendations to help plan which orders to:
  • Pull forward to meet demand without having to create new orders
  • Push out because the items won't be needed for weeks or months
  • Change item quantities to match fluctuating requirements
  • Cancel because they are no longer needed
The Order Push Pull Report can produce savings in inventory costs as well as free up valuable shop floor capacity making it easier to meet high-priority deadlines.

Workshop v9.0 also includes a Costed Roll Up function which makes it much easier to update standard and average costs in inventory. For ease of evaluation, current costs can be viewed side-by-side with rolled up costs and the display can be switched between standard and average costs. Furthermore, when linked to TIW's ALERE® Accounting, the journal entries are automatically made to account for inventory valuation adjustments.

Furthermore, a new Errors in Schedule screen allows users to review Trial Schedule errors and warnings. Then from the same screen the user can drill down to examine the work orders involved in order to make the appropriate corrections.

Universally, WorkShop is known for time and labor saving features that enable the user to:
  • Easily and graphically create multilevel modular/variable BOMs that can include images
  • Optimize available shop floor capacity via a 3D graphical analysis
  • Streamline workflow with mass release and completion of work order functions
  • Monitor labor, material and machine costs and usage
These are just a sampling of the extensive capabilities built into WorkShop. For more information on WorkShop v9.0, as well as a downloadable Product Tour CD and Trial Package, please visit the TIW website at:

WorkShop is composed of eight modules: Manager, Order, Route, Machine, Schedule, BOM, Plan, and Cost. These modules are available individually or in any combination in either a five-user license LAN version at $1995 per module or a Small Business (SB) two-user license LAN version at $995 per module. There is also a Client Server compatible version with a five-user license available at $2995 per module.
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