World´s First Radio Modem with Internet Access


SATEL, a leading manufacturer of radio modems for long range wireless data, today announced SATELLAR Digital
System, a smart radio modem combining TCP/IP-functionalities, a Linux platform for customer specific applications,
and a versatile modular structure. Whereas radio modems have conventionally been used to simply convey data -
essentially replacing a cable in inconvenient locations - SATELLAR can do a lot more. The central unit, one of
SATELLAR´s modular units, is essentially a computer with sufficient processing power and memory to run
sophisticated software applications in addition to the operating system, IP-router, and web configuration server.
Fewer devices are needed on site, which means that costs and complexity may be lowered without compromising
Modularity is another aspect in which SATELLAR brings a paradigm shift to the radio modem industry. The
SATELLAR digital system offers different units - building blocks - that can be combined to construct a radio modem
with the right functionalities for the specific location in question. The radio unit, which is the basic building block,
can alone be used to access RS-232-based devices, for example, or act as a radio repeater. The central unit, with
its TCP/IP-capabilities and a Linux platform, can be added to locations where more functionality is useful.
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