Wrench-Free Nibbler


Kett Tool Company introduces the KL-2020 14 Gauge Nibbler, a lightweight, wrench-free nibbler featuring a rotating head for easier operation. The KL-2020 boasts a unique die design that allows for unmatched maneuverability in cutting sheet metal.   Metal fabricators, auto manufacturers and construction crews will save time and eliminate on-the-job hassles with the KL-2020 nibbler that can be locked into four different positions (in 90-degree increments). A simple twist of the hand changes the angle of the die while the free-floating punch design extends time between replacements.  

“This KL-2020 allows for ease of operation with just a twist of the hand replacing a time-consuming process that requires a wrench with other nibblers,” said Kathy Conlon, president, Kett Tool Company. “Metal workers in all industries will save valuable time and money on the job with this latest product design from Kett Tool.”   The KL-2020 cuts 14 gauge C.R. mild steel and most grades of stainless to 18 gauge. At just 10.5 inches and four pounds, this lightweight, four-amp electric nibbler is easy to handle and store at any job site. It delivers a clean burr free cut of flat and corrugated sheet metal up to 65 inches per minute. 


  • rotating head for easier operation
  • can be locked into four different positions
  • clean burr free cuts
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