WrightGrip™ SB Ratchet


Wright Tool introduces the WrightGrip™ SB ratchet (#4488) for safer installation of scaffolding. Manufactured in the U.S., the 10 1/2-inch WrightGrip SB ratchet is an all-inclusive tool that features a 1/2-inch drive, 7/8-inch open-head ratchet, a replaceable hammer on the other side of the ratchet available with inserts in brass or steel, and a 7/8-inch open-end wrench on the end of the handle.

The open-head ratchet allows for easier cleaning and quick directional switch letting the tool fit in narrower spaces making clearance easy. The ratchet is interchangeable with a 2-inch deep socket for final tightening on smaller scaffold diameters.
    The WrightGrip technology is featured on the open-end wrench. WrightGrip is an innovative, high-strength, anti-slip design for open-end style wrenches. The advanced opening profile places more metal in high-stress areas to stiffen the jaws, increase tool strength and reduce permanent jaw spread for better reliability. The carefully placed, precision-broached serrations keep the wrench seated on the fastener to increase torque and reduce slippage.
    For extra security, the WrightGrip SB ratchet has a lanyard ring that allows the tool to be
tied off to the scaffold builder. The lanyard ring offers versatility by enabling the ring to slide up and down the handle to keep the lanyard out of the way while the user works with either end of the tool.
     “The WrightGrip SB ratchet was created with the industry’s top scaffold contractors in mind. We did field work to understand the issues and problems scaffold builders face while doing their jobs. We set out to design a tool that would perfect the performance of today’s scaffold builders,” said Ty Smith, director of business development at Wright Tool. “With the new WrightGrip SB ratchet, there is no need to carry a separate adjustable, open-end or combination wrench, eliminating overall weight and tool spider congestion, which makes the builder safer.”

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