WT30 Wireless Serial Communications System


Omron Electronics LLC solves a tough data gathering issue in industrial automation with the WT30 Wireless Serial Communications system. It eliminates barriers to communicating with moving equipment, retrofitting networking on running devices, and evading obstacles where wiring is impractical.  There are applications where a normal wired connection is too expensive, impossible to maintain or prone to disturbance. The WT30 system consists of one master and multiple slave I/O stations with expansion capability for up to 64 slaves (over 1,000 I/O).  The wireless serial master collects ON/OFF data and provides an RS-232C (CompoWay/F) interface to a personal computer or PLC.  Pre-tested function blocks in CX-One software simplify WT30 communications setup using Omron’s CS, CJ and CP1 families of PLCs.  The I/O Slave terminals are available with 16 inputs or a combination of 8 inputs and 8 outputs.  Antennas for slave stations, cables and mounting brackets are ordered separately to match installation requirements. The WT30 conforms to FCC part 15.247 (USA) and international standards.

The communication distance between a WT30 master and I/O slave without using a repeater is 60 meters minimum indoors and 300 meters outdoors. Signal relay functionality extends the communication distance up to 240 meters. The WT30 slaves can also communicate via DeviceNet using WD30 Master to participate in the open, CIP-based network. Indicators simplify monitoring communications status.  The DIN rail mounting master and slaves measure just 90 mm high to save space on machines.

The WT30 has been used successfully in applications where point-to-point wiring is impossible.  In water purification or sewage treatment plants, WT30 supports essential remote monitoring and process controlling systems with wireless communication that saves on installation time and cabling costs.  AGVs for parts supplying in assembly lines and sorting in automatic warehouses use WT30 with a PLC or PC to monitor AGV operation status and to control vehicle and bin positioning.
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