XL hybrid bearings for wind turbine generators


SKF® XL hybrid bearings have been designed and introduced specifically for wind turbine generators and engineered to provide superior insulation against electric currents.  Their use can virtually eliminate the risk of premature bearing failures due to erosion from electric currents and can maximize lubricant effectiveness to promote optimized long-term performance (even under poor lubrication conditions).

These bearings benefit from a unique deep groove ball bearing design integrating bearing steel rings and bearing-grade silicon nitride (ceramic) rolling elements.  They are lighter, harder, less dense, and more durable than all-steel bearing counterparts and conform to standard bearing boundary dimensions.

Resulting benefits include higher reliability and increased sustainability, reduced life-cycle costs and total cost of operation, reduced maintenance requirements, and the capability to upgrade into existing wind turbine design envelopes without any need for redesigns.

The bearings are available in a range of sizes to suit industry requirements and custom solutions can be developed to satisfy particular application needs.

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