XPS T8 Safety-Coated Fluorescent Lamps


Shat-R-Shield, the leading and largest manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps and lighting products, now offers safety-coated XPS (eXtended Performance Super) fluorescent lamps.  These exceptional, extended-life fluorescent lamps offer many benefits over standard fluorescents.  
“By making XPS fluorescent lamps available with our unique safety coating, we are providing our customers with the ultimate in T8 performance and safety,” said Shat-R-Shield President Karen Ponce.  “With economical, ecological and safety issues being paramount, this lamp series is an ideal upgrade from standard coated fluorescents.”

XPS fluorescent lamps offer benefits of extended rated-life (up to 36,000 hours), energy-efficiency, high color rendering (CRI), range of color temperatures, and brighter light that stays brighter - longer.   The clear and tough, skin-tight Shat-R-Shield coating safely contains virtually all glass, mercury and phosphors if the lamp is accidentally broken.

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