XT series of CNCs


Thermadyne®, the producer of Thermal Dynamics® branded manual and automated plasma cutting systems, now offers the XT series of CNCs.  The XT series combines multiple axis controls in one unit for simplicity of operation in plasma cutting.  
With special features, like dual microprocessor control, the XT CNC is an affordable upgrade that can be paired with any plasma cutting system for improved cut quality and performance.  When matched with Thermal Dynamics’ innovative Ultra-Cut® high precision systems with automatic gas control, the XT CNC achieves true integrated control and turns the most precise plasma system into one of the easiest to operate.
The Thermal Dynamics XT CNC features:
·     Dual microprocessor control for true multitasking capability
·    Integrated control of motion, torch height and plasma cut parameters
·     Direct download of .dxf files
·     15 inch TFT flat panel touch screen
·     Micro-CAD and automatic nesting software
·    Ethernet interface
·    Microsoft Windows XP operating system
·     Fully integrated torch height control and collision sensor
·     Remote troubleshooting capability via internet

For new installations, the XT CNC can be specified with any new Thermal Dynamics plasma system and can be installed on your choice of cutting table.  For upgrades or retro-fits, the XT CNC is available with or without drives and servos.
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