XYZ Piezo Positioning & Scanning Stage


PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. — a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for semiconductor, nanotechnology & photonics applications — offers the new P-733.3CD, XYZ nanopositioning & scanning system. These high-resolution piezo stages are designed for materials research, high resolution microscopy, ultra precision alignment and imaging applications. The parallel-kinematics design (only one common moving platform for XYZ) reduces the moved mass, and enables -- together with the stiff design --higher operating speeds than other piezo scanning stages. A parallel metrology position sensor design provides highly accurate position information in all axes.

Features & Advantages:

  • Parallel Metrology with Capacitive Sensors for up to 0.1 Nanometers Resolution
  • Parallel Kinematics for Better Multi-Axis Accuracy and Dynamics
  • Frictionless Light-weighted Flexure Design for Sub-Millisecond Response
  • Long-Life Piezo Actuators, 100x100x10µm Travel Range

Typical Applications: Surface Profiling, Metrology / Interferometry, Scanning Microscopy, Image Processing / Stabilization, Semiconductor Testing & Alignment Nanomanipulation

About P-733.3CD Nanopositioning Scanning Stages
P-733 are fast and highly accurate XYZ nanopositioning and scanning stages. These piezo systems provide a positioning and scanning range of 100x100x10 µm together with sub-nanometer resolution. The high-speed Z-axis (sub-millisecond response time) can actively compensate out-of-plane, Z-axis deviation during XY scans, important for AFM applications. The large clear aperture is an advantage in transmitted-light applications.

Capacitive Nano Measuring Sensors Provide Higher Linearity
Capacitive gauges measure the platform position directly and without physical contact. This makes them free of friction and hysteresis, and allows very high levels of linearity, up to 99.99% with resolution to 0.1 nanometers. The Parallel Metrology configuration measures the stage platform in all degrees of freedom against a common, fixed reference.

Parallel Kinematics Provide High Trajectory Fidelity
In a parallel kinematics multiaxis system, all actuators act directly on the same moving platform. This means symmetrical dynamic properties of the X and Y axes, a prerequisite for fast, high-linearity scanning.


• Open-loop travel, -20 to +120 V - 115 x 115 • Closed-loop travel - 100 x 100 • Open-loop resolution - 0.2 • Closed-loop resolution - 0.3 • Linearity (X, Y) - 0.03 • Stiffness - 1.5 • Unloaded resonant frequency – 500 • Resonant frequency @ 120 g – 370 • Ceramic type - PICMA® P-885 • Electrical capacitance – 6 • Dynamic operating current coefficient - 7.5 • Operating temperature range - -20 to 80 • Material – Aluminum • Mass - 0.58
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