Yaw Position Sensor for Wind Turbines


Specially engineered for wind turbine applications, MR200W series Yaw Position Transducers monitor position, direction, speed and cable twist while providing the necessary feedback to the yaw directional motor drive and brake control system. These products are based on Micronor's proven modular sensor and control technology developed and refined over 40+ years of industrial product experience.

An MR200W series position transducer can be multifunctional and integrate any combination of geared limit switches, rotary encoders, resolvers or potentiometers. For increased accuracy and repeatability, the unit can be supplied with an external anti-backlash POM (polymer) pinion gear which optimizes coupling to the wind turbine's large yaw bull gear.

Depending on performance requirements, functionality and quantities, an integrated OEM solution can typically cost about $1000-$2000.  Engineering evaluation units can be delivered within 4-8 weeks ARO and production units within 4 weeks thereafter.

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