Yokota YS-e Battery System Wrench


Manufacturers seeking better ergonomics for critical assembly applications no longer need to make compromises thanks to the Yokota YS-e Battery System Wrench. The cordless Yokota YS-e Battery System Wrench delivers excellent ergonomics, increases productivity and has superior traceability for motor vehicle, truck, bus and heavy equipment manufacturers.


Utilizing a sealed hydraulic pulse unit eliminates the torque reaction from the tool while in use. The tool is lightweight at 4.3 lb. The weight of the tool is evenly balanced to reduce operator fatigue throughout the workday.


Operators on the assembly line can easily use the tool with one hand. The cordless design eliminates trip hazards from hoses and cables. The high-speed brushless motor produces minimal vibration and noise levels.


The Yokota YS-e enables users to engage fasteners more quickly, improving productivity. The motor is durable and brushless. It delivers 4,800 Rotations Per Minute (RPM) of free speed. The Yokota YS-e is available in configurations with a 3/8-in. square or 1/4-in. quick-change output. The available torque range is 7-60 Newton meters on a hard joint.


The patented strain-gauge transducer captures rich rundown and traces data dynamically. The tool’s patented angle encoder measures the degrees of rotation during fastening and detects abnormal fastening conditions. The tool transmits real-time cycle data to the wireless unit, which stores up to 10,000 records per tool and is easily accessible via USB. Operators can easily achieve the desired tightening result to ensure work is done right every time.


Operators program the YS-e using the available programming console or from any device with an Internet browser using a simple, web-based interface that does not require a license. The Yokota wireless unit can communicate with four tools at once.


Operators do not need any special equipment to pair the tool with the wireless unit. A simple pairing process automatically connects the tool with the wireless unit to increase uptime. Once programmed, the tool wirelessly sends data back to the unit upon the completion of a tightening.


An integrated fan prevents the tool from overheating. The fan helps maximize run time and increases the lifespan of the tool between services. The unique internal fan location protects dust from clogging the fan’s intake while still providing heat reduction to the tool.



  • Removes trip hazards from hoses and cables in and around the assembly line, improving safety
  • Eliminates torque reaction experienced by the operator on fastening applications up to 60Nm
  • Reduces operator fatigue throughout the workday, increasing productivity
  • Minimizes the need for costly suspension and support systems on the assembly line
  • Increases operator agility & flexibility by removing hoses & cables, improving productivity
  • Empowers more productivity from operators by helping them get more work done in less time
  • Engages fasteners more quickly with single hand operation, improving productivity
  • Eliminates restrictions caused by unnecessary suspension systems on the assembly line
  • Controls the tightening process with a traceable transducer that can be calibrated & validated
  • Records tightening results for short- term and long- term assurance that the work was done RIGHT
  • Replicates the desired tightening result so that the work is done the same way every time
  • Ensures that when abnormal situations are present, abnormal situations are detected using torque & angle control
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