Zero Backlash Harmonic Gears


Conic Systems has developed the new Lifetime (LT) Series, precision, zero backlash harmonic gearboxes designed for high-performance direct replacement of traditional high ratio
planetary gearheads. The LT Series is available in metric sizes and NEMA 17, 23, 34 and 42 frames.


The LT Series is unique in that its zero backlash characteristic is maintained for life and high ratios of 50:1 to 200:1 are achieved in a single stage, thereby reducing length and weight as compared to traditional planetary designs which require multiple stages.


The proprietary harmonic cup design allows for a high number of teeth to be engaged, giving the LT Series higher torque and inertial loading capacity, along with zero backlash and repeatability better than 10 arc-sec.


An engineer can improve the accuracy of their high precision motion applications due to the unmatched repeatability and zero lost motion in the system, resolving problems such as overshoot, failure to maintain position, drive oscillation and velocity ripple.


The LT Gearheads feature a precision, double angular contact bearing on the output shaft allowing for designs with high radial and axial loads. Mounting is accomplished with a quick connecting motor coupling. Adapter flanges can be modified to meet customer motor specifications.

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