Zero-Backlash Indexing Table


Constructed from an input shaft and a turret that is assembled with roller followers, the Sankyo Automation RollerDrive Reducer is a precision gear reducer that uses a zero-backlash roller gear mechanism. The roller followers are preloaded against a screw-like input shaft to eliminate backlash.


Sankyo servo indexing tables offer a constant lead cam with a servo motor drive for programmable motion. Sankyo servo indexing tables provide fast highly accurate motion, with the added capability to move medium to heavy loads. The preloaded cam and turret provides a high performance zero-backlash servo indexing table for all your automation needs.


The RU Series servo indexing table is available in 11 different sizes. The indexing tables come with varying ratios to maximize the motor’s torque capacity, speed requirements and enhance the overall accuracy. Special applications may require double reduction ratio of the internal cam and an additional reducer to provide large torque capacities or slower speed.



  • Zero-Backlash -The RollerDrive uses a unique preloaded mechanism to completely eliminate backlash and deliver output motions that are faithfully true to input commands
  • Design - RollerDrive technology incorporates a cam with a high gear reduction to deliver large torque capacities with smaller servo motors
  • Second Reducer Option - Multiple reducer options keep the servo at optimal RPM speed
  • Rigidity Suitable for Machining Applications - An exclusive ouput turret bearing and cast-iron housing toleratres heavy vibrations associated with machine tool applications
  • Versatile for Retooling - RU Series can keep pace with the ever-changing tooling requirements
  • Short settling times - The RollerDrive provides fast highly accurate dynamic motion 


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