Zero-Point Clamping Round Chuck Workholding Solution


The ESM 138 Turbo and ERGO 138 boast all of Unilock’s core features, including quick and easy setup and loading, self-guided top-side mounting, and the strength and consistency of zero-point clamping.


The ESM 138 Turbo chuck has a closed back more than doubles the spring-only clamping force, up to roughly 3,520 lb, by simply connecting an air source to either the 1/8G turbo port on the OD or the underside o-ring port.


The ERGO 138 also has a sealed back, protecting the internal mechanics from contamination and making it turbo-capable. In another effort to help maintain clean operations, the back cover has an air blast port which cleans the knob upon entry. By connecting an air source, operators can clean the chuck and knob before locking it, ensuring a firm and consistent positioning during loading/unloading and preserving the equipment. It’s ideal for fine-particle materials like cast iron. 


  • ESM 138 Turbo Chuck: doubles the spring-only clamping force, up to roughly 3,520 lb.
  • ERGO 138: 11mm shorter than the standard ESM 138, featuring a new body height of 28 mm
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