Zinc Die-Cast Adjustable Friction Hinges


GN 437adjustable friction hinges feature an RoHS-compliant hinge body that is zinc die-cast, with either a black powder coated, textured finish or silver powder coated, textured finish. The friction cone, which is temperature resistant to 80°C (176°F), is plastic, while the set screw and hexagon nut are steel, zinc plated, with a blue passivated finish.

Set screw allows the mobility of the hinge to be changed, and it also generates a constant braking torque adjustable across the entire rotating range. The rotation of doors and flaps is inhibited, preventing inadvertent movement. Interlocking two slim friction cones achieves the friction torque, as the large friction surface and the hard-wearing plastic of the friction cones guarantee a long service life with virtually no wear. Due to the structure and the pre-stress of the friction cones, the hinge has virtually no radial play and no play at all in the axial direction.



  • RoHS-compliant hinge body is zinc die-cast
  • Black powder coated, textured finish or silver powder coated, textured finish
  • Friction cone resists up to 80°C
  • Set screw allows mobility of hinge to be changed
  • Hinge has virtually no radial play or play in axial direction
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