Zinc Die Cast Adjustable Levers


GN 303 (with steel components) and GN 303.1 (with stainless steel components) zinc die cast adjustable levers are available with pushbutton, threaded stud type.


Adjustable hand levers with pushbutton, which are RoHS compliant, have proven to be ideal wherever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position. Insert is connected to the lever via serrations that can easily be disengaged. Pulling the lever upwards disengages the serrations, allowing it to be swiveled to the ideal clamping position. When releasing the lever, the serrations automatically re-engage.


Intended for applications that do not require the lever to be disassembled, the releasing button is a unique design element and allows for effortless release action.


Zinc die cast lever handle is offered in a variety of powder coated finishes.



  • pushbutton, threaded stud type
  • adjustable
  • zinc die cast
  • handle comes in variety of powder coated finishes
  • nylon plastic pushbutton comes in various colors
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