ZMX Series 3D Time of Flight Sensor Measures Bin Fill Heights


The ZMX series 3D Time of Flight Sensor provides a single-sensor solution for monitoring the volume of materials, products or packages that are routed to fill a bin or similar container.


Factories, warehouses, and distribution centers that use containers for the accumulation of items can install a ZMX sensor above the bin to monitor fill level to avoid overfill, package damage or shipping empty space, thereby improving efficiency and operational performance.


By combining digital imaging and thousands of laser measurement points, the sensor calculates the volume of the packages in a bin and tracks the peak height of objects within a user-defined area. It features a large 60 by 45-deg. field of view, with a range of 8 in. to 8 ft (200 to 2,500 mm), enabling it to detect items of any size, shape or orientation. One ZMX sensor provides complete area coverage in three dimensions, tracking fill volume and peak height of objects within that field of detection.


The ZMX 3D Time of Flight Sensor is for applications including bin fill and peak height monitoring, overfill detection, pallet stacking or depalletizing, parcel management, shipping and receiving, and tracking material flow volume or height statistics.

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