ZnS Lenses and Windows


ZnS Lenses and Windows can be supplied in plano-concave, plano-convex, meniscus, and flat configurations in sizes from 0.5 to 3-in. (13 to 76 mm) O.D. or diagonal for use in military vision and thermal imaging systems. They are ideally suited for single-aperture, high-performance multispectral systems that must perform over a broad spectrum from 0.4 to 12 microns.


Featuring λ/4 and λ/10 surfaces and finishes to 10-5 scratch-dig, ZnS Lenses and Windows are manufactured using Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) which provides enhanced clarity, hardness, and scratch-resistance. Fabricated with typical tolerances of ±0.001 to ±0.005 in. and thickness to ±0.002 in., these optics conform to MIL-PRF-13830.

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