Zorc Surge Suppressors


ZORC products are a range of unique high-frequency transient overvoltage surge suppressors for the protection of motors, transformers, generators, and filter banks from steep wave-front, short rise-time, high magnitude, spikes, surges, and other transient voltages, generated by switching and certain other sources.


The protective characteristics of ZORC provide comprehensive insulation coordination with both the CiGRé and IEEE motor impulse voltage withstand characteristics at all practical surge magnitudes and rise times.


Overvoltages are not only related to atmospheric impulses. In reality, faults and damage can often be caused by other overvoltages such as switching overvoltage, transient recovery voltages, and iron-resonance overvoltages. Good reasons to consider the installation of the ZORC surge suppressor.



  • ​System Voltage: 3 phase 400V to 13.8kV with single-phase at 15kV
  • Transient protection: 0.1 to 0.2 microseconds range
  • Special compact versions that can be fitted within most motor/transformer terminal enclosures or switchgear panels
  • RC single-phase units available from 24-40KV


  • Saves money by eliminating production downtime due to insulation failure.
  • Protects motors, generators, and transformers throughout their service life.
  • Eliminates multiple pre and re-strike transients associated when switching on or off with vacuum and other switchgear types.
  • Standard and intrinsically safe models available.
  • Three and single phase
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