Zortrax Adds Four Products to Its Lineup


Zortrax presents four products that cover its entire offering: Zortrax Inventure printer and DSS station, Z-PLA Pro and Z-ASA Pro materials, and Z-SUITE version 2.0.


The Zortrax Inventure printer is unique due to its closed chamber with HEPA filter, the function for simultaneous printing of two materials (base and support), exceptional printing precision, and a stylish design. A DSS station that will allow for quick and easy dissolution of the support material in heated water will also come along with the release of this printer.


The Z-PLA Pro and Z-ASA Pro are materials directed mainly at professionals.


The Z-PLA Pro will be compatible with the M200 and M300 printers. It is suitable for architectural models as well as industrial design and modeling.


The Z-ASA Pro is a material resistant to external factors like UV rays and is suitable for even the least favorable external weather conditions. With reduced shrinkage, it allows for the construction of bigger models and ABS-level resistance.


The Z-SUITE 2.0 software includes major improvements such as being able to work in multiple tabs, editable support, analysis algorithm, and grid repairs to establish and repair potential errors in the model. The interface is also more intuitive than the previous version. 

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