Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize Lubricant and Thread Sealant


Developed to seal threads under harsh environments at temperatures up to 2600°F, new Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize lubricant and thread sealant is now available exclusively from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Company. Ideal for use on stainless steel pipe and fittings, Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize compound is composed of pure nickel powder and graphite flake dispersed in a petroleum carrier that ensures lubricity and effective sealing. The extreme service compound may also be used on threaded PVC, CPVC, nylon, polypropylene, plastics, and all metals.      

Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize compound is non-seizing and allows for easy disassembly of any threaded connection long after initial assembly. It provides excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and oxidation, and prevents rusting, seizing, welding, or galling. Blue Monster Nickel Anti-Seize compound is suitable for use on systems carrying air, diluted alkalis, ammonia, brine, carbon dioxide, chlorinated water, freon, inert gases, natural gas, nitrogen gas, refrigeration gases, steam and water.    


  • seals up to 2600°F
  • resists corrosion
  • allows for easy disassembly
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