Congratulations...You Aced the Interview


You may have aced Intermediate Accounting, but you didn't count on getting lost on the way to your first big job interview. So you arrived late and flustered, chugged a restorative cup of coffee in the reception area, and then offered your interviewer a sweaty handshake. These simple mistakes may have cost you the job. This CliffNotes-style book offers a checklist of strategies and a road map to travel the simplest, fastest, and most direct route for students to land the job of their dreams.


  • Tailor your resume to the job
  • Prepare for the interview—what you do before, during, and after counts
  • Be truthful when asked about weaknesses
  • Ask questions, but not about salary, benefits, sick, or vacation time
  • Remember, mealtime interviews are not about the food
  • Be courteous to everyone you meet, from the parking lot to the restroom
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