E-Z Form Hose Provides Maximum Flexibility for Tight-Bend Applications


E-Z Form Hose, a family of new industrial hoses from the Parker Industrial Hose Division, provides extreme flexibility while retaining full-flow performance. The value to original equipment manufacturers, equipment users and distributors is that this hose can be used where formed hoses were required because conventional industrial hose products were not able to bend tightly enough without kinking.

By specifying E-Z Form Hose, designers can eliminate costly formed-hose constructions from their equipment while dramatically reducing lead-time and eliminating the need and cost of tooling. Users of equipment with existing formed-hose installations benefit because formed hose can be easily replaced with lower-cost, readily available E-Z Form Hose.

Two versions of the new hose are available, featuring constructions that are suitable for use with oil-based fluids as well as water-based fluids. Sizes range from 1/2- inch to 4-inch inside diameter. Standard hose length is 25-feet, however lengths up to 130-feet are available. Both versions of the hose are rated to 75 psi maximum recommended working pressure as well as for full vacuum (or suction) applications.
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