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Parker’s Electromechanical Automation Division is pleased to announce the release of its OSPE electric actuator series. The OSPE series is the newest family of electric motor-driven rodless actuator systems from Parker, offering a modular solution that is compact and easy to install for new and retrofit applications. The OSPE series comes with different drive trains to solve varying demands regarding speed, thrust force, length and precision. The design flexibility that the OSPE offers for belt-driven or screw-driven actuation makes horizontal- or vertical-orientation applications a snap. 

The belt-driven actuators solve high dynamic, speed, length and load requirements in light- to heavy-duty applications, while the screw-driven rodless actuators are designed for high thrust force transmission in precise, reliable positioning applications. Well known as a leading brand in pneumatic and electromechanical actuation, the Origa System Plus offers reliability, flexibility, sustainability and optimal return on investment with its proven history in thousands of worldwide, robust industrial applications. The OSPE electromechanical product brings to Parker’s Origa System Plus series a shortened lead time and includes an expanded motor and gearbox mounting as standard options to make the designing process even easier than before. With the global availability and manufacturing locations in US, Europe and Asia, the OSPE provides a better cost of ownership through local support, reduced shipping costs and fast response times. 

 The OSPE Series includes: 

OSPE B Belt Actuator 

The Parker OSPE B belt-driven linear actuator is a cost-effective solution designed for light to medium industrial applications requiring high speeds and long travels. 

OSPE BHD Belt Actuator with Integrated Ball Bearing 

The Parker OSPE BHD belt-driven actuator is the highest performing series from the Origa System Plus family. This actuator, which comes standard with an integrated ball bearing guide, uses a side-driven belt design, offering such desirable features as high rigidity and a low-profile design. 

OSPE SB Ball Screw Actuator 

The Parker OSPE SB ball screw driven rodless actuator is designed for light to medium industrial applications requiring precise positioning and high thrust forces at 100% duty cycle. 

OSPE ST Trapezoidal Screw Actuator 

The Parker OSPE ST trapezoidal (lead) screw driven rodless actuator is a cost effective solution utilizing a trapezoidal screw, which is ideal for lower speed and highest thrust force transmission with no back drive. 


  • easy to install 
  • different drive trains
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