Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced a convenient, environmentally-friendly dusting system that works without chemicals and is suitable for cleaning virtually any surface. The new WypAll Dusting System includes a duster head and dusting mitt that make cleaning easier through an innovative approach to cleaning under, over and around furnishings, as well as up into ceiling corners without leaving any residues on surfaces. The disposable duster head has 380,000 soft, flexible, dust-trapping polyester fibers that change shape for dust pick-up in crevices and contours where dust cloths can’t reach. The duster head comes with short and long reusable, ergonomic grip handles: a six-inch handle for dusting low areas and a long handle, which extends to three feet, with seven different cleaning positions. The long handle is ready to use, with no assembly required, and it folds for space-saving storage. The disposable dusting mitt, with a dust-grabbing material, traps up to two times more dust than treated dust cloth materials.
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