Hand-held Applicator Dispenses Electrically Conductive 400ºF Flexible Epoxy with Pinpoint Accuracy


Duralco 125 “Stress Free” epoxy forms a flexible, electrically conductive bond for continuous use to 400ºF.  Ideal for manufacturing and repairing of flexible circuits, solder replacement, bonding semi-conductors, EMI shielding, thermistors, wire tacking, heating elements, assembling, electronics, etc.

Duralco 125 offers 400ºF service and provides outstanding electrical conductivity, high bond strength; thermal and mechanical shock resistance, adhesion to dissimilar substrates and excellent chemical resistance.  

The hand-held applicator dispenses with pinpoint accuracy the exact mixture epoxy that cures at room temperature (16-24 hrs. @ 75ºF; 20 min. @ 200ºF) with no objectionable odors.  The applicator eliminates mixing, measuring, excess waste and messy clean up, saving you time and money.

The silver based Duralco 125 conductive epoxy bonds to glass, ceramics, plastics, and dissimilar materials and with excellent adhesion to metals including steel, stainless, aluminum and lead.  Epoxy is resistant to moisture, chemicals and solvents.

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